NEW: socio-hydrogeology e-mail discussion list

The growing attention to socio-hydrogeology made me think about the importance of connecting colleagues and friends worldwide willing to incorporate the social dimension into hydrogeolchemical investigations.
Therefore, I set up a new discussion list is aimed at facilitating the exchange of news and information among those interested in socio-hydrogeology, to provide new contacts for collaborations, and to help improving the research in this emerging field.
The Socio-hydrogeology list would also represent a a source of information and help for researchers for anyone willing to apply socio-hydrogeology in their investigations.

How to subscribe?

To subscribe please visit the group page and click on “Apply for membership“, and fill the text box with: Subscribe, Your Name and Surname

To unsubscribe please visit the group page and click on “contact the owner“.
In the email set the object as Your Name and Surname, and the subject as Unsubscribe

How to post to the list?

  • To access the list and post a message you need to be a member. Once you have subscribed you will receive a  welcome e-mail confirming that you are a part of the list and you will be able to contribute to the existing discussions or start a new one
  • Messages should be sent to SocioHydrogeology(at)
  • Otherwise, if you are intending to reply to just one person on the group list, please make sure to check that you are not sending out to the whole group members
  • Please note that commercial advertising is not allowed


For any additional inquiry, please contact Viviana Re:



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