Water and the menstruation taboo


Caution Sensitive and provocative content

Yes, women have menstruations, although nobody often talks about that.
Of course this is somehow a private thing, but in most cases it is still a real taboo.
It is not necessary to put at stake religion or cultural/popular beliefs, according to which, for example, women are impure during period days, or they should abstain from some activities (like sport, or even preparing mayonnaise) to realise how this topic is far to become a common item of conversation.

I remember that, during a high school trip in late 90s, a tampon dropped off my bag, and when my classmates saw me picking it they all started laughing. I was so embarrassed, but without quite understanding why I should actually feel so. Then, growing up I met guys that were scared about pads (I mean seriously freaking out just seeing one brand-new pad into a…

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