RWS congress trip tips

Like almost all (water)scientists worldwide we often travel to attend international congresses that, besides preparing powerpoint presentations/posters and arranging working meetings, also implies packing a reasonably light suitcase for our trip abroad.

Whether we pack for a couple of days or for a week, there are several essential things that we may need to use, and that we are generally happy to find in our hotel rooms. However, most of these item, like the soap bar or the dental kit, have a rather short life, and are generally tossed away after our stay (even if they are still in good condition or just half-used).

The same may apply for the congress kits. Are we the only ones that still have dozen of (still unused) bags, pens, notebooks and badge strings received during the congress we attended in the past years?

So this year we decided to take action and, since we are preparing for our trip to attend an international meeting, here are some of the things we will bring with us to try reducing our congress water footprint.

Continue reading at: RWS congress trip tips



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