Truth About Giulio Regeni



A banner, a request, a campaign by the Italian Section of Amnesty International and “La Repubblica” to prevent the murder of the young Italian researcher from being forgotten, from being classified as one of the many “investigations in progress”, or worse, from being banished to the past because of an “official version”  of the Cairo Government.

We must reject any outcome that is far from an independently verified and acknowledged truth, which is to be obtained also with the precious help of the women and men in Egypt that are still trying to fight for human rights, despite the strong repression they are undergoing.

I would be important for “Truth About Giulio Regeni” to become requested by many local institutions, by the main Italian municipalities, by the universities and other cultural spots of our country to which we ask to display this banner, or any other symbol that requires everyone’s commitment to find out the truth about Giulio’s death.

We owe it to his family, to his friends and colleagues who are seeking out the whole world’s support.  (Source Amnesty International)


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