Change the World, One Article at a Time

Change the World, One Article at a Time” is the new campaign launched by Springer publisher. The aim is to address the world’s most pressing challenges by highlighting 100+ articles published in their journals during 2015, offering them free access until 15 July 2016.
To this end Springer asked each editorial board to pick one article from their journal, published in 2015, considered ground-breaking and with the potential to Change the World.

It is with great pleasure to share the great news that my recently published paper “Incorporating the social dimension into hydrogeochemical investigations for rural development: the Bir Al-Nas approach for socio-hydrogeology” has been chosen to represent Hydrogeology Journal contribution to this campaign and as one of the must-read articles from 2015.

 The article describes an approach called “socio-hydrogeology”, which aims to provide management practices with better support, i.e., robust hydrogeological data coupled with a more comprehensive assessment of the socio-economic implications of the (ground)water problem in question. It involves not only the study of mutual relations between people and groundwater (i.e., the impact of human activities on the baseline characteristics of an aquifer and the impact of groundwater quality and scarcity on human wellbeing), but more directly includes the social dimension in hydrogeological field investigations. Socio-hydrogeology will create room for future public participation (instead of just consultation) and it will also allow science and groundwater scientists to be demystified, facilitating the promotion of groundwater-user networks supported by experts. (IAH.ORG)


Have you read this paper? What do you think about the proposed approach?
And…What is your must read-article from 2015?



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