“A Day in the GeoLife” : guest blog series from geoscientists around the world.

Today I’d like to share with you a blog that I really like: rockheadsciences.com


This is the blog of Sandie Will, a geologist who decided to share updates on geology and other sciences, management techniques and stories about her travel and field experiences.
In Rock-Head Sciences you’ll find a lot of interesting post spanning from basic geology, geology news, green practices and the very nice series: “A Day in the GeoLife“.
The latter is a place where
geoscientists can share their professions and research using a well designed platform, that give readers in geosciences the opportunity to “discover” what geoscientists actually do. “A Day in the GeoLife” series is made by different posts from geologists or geology-related professionals and educators, who have agreed – as I did – to be featured to talk about who they, and what their typical day is like, and to give their tips to students interested in geosciences:


This blog is a pure glimpse on geoscience! I find it brilliant and inspiring, and I’m sure, if you have a look at it, you will like it too!


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