“Coolest paper of 2013”: winners announced!

The Early Career Hydrogeologists’ Network (ECHN) of the International Association of Hydrogeology (IAH) is happy to announce the winner of the first edition of the ‘Coolest Paper of 2013’ Award.

Congratulations to Sebnem Arslana and the co-autors of the paper

Environmental isotopes and noble gases in the deep aquifer system of Kazan Trona Ore Field, Ankara, central Turkey and links to paleoclimate. Quaternary Research, 79(2): 292-303. 

The runners up in the competition were:

Ying Fan et al: Global patterns of groundwater table depth. Science, 339(6122): 940-943.

Richard Taylor et al: Ground water and climate change. Nature Climate Change, 3: 322-329.

There was a very high quality of papers nominated, and large number of votes cast in the competition. Overall a great success for the first edition of the Award!

The prize will be awarded at the 2014 IAH congress to be held in Marrakech, Morocco, where the winning author will be invited to deliver an oral presentation.
In addition, there will be a random draw after each of the two phases, and one lucky participant will receive their choice of book title from the IAH series.





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