Cap Bon…Field work!

The best part of my job is definitely the field work!

There are many reasons why I like it so much. First of all because you can “touch with your hands” your case study and see all the things you won’t find in any paper. Secondly because you can work enjoying beautiful landscapes (and hopefully the sun) instead of staring at the screen of your pc. Last but not least, during the field work you can be in contact with local people, discuss with them, discover their culture, and have a better understanding of the implication of your research on water users.

CapBon_Feb2014 105

This week I’ve been to Grombalia to perform  the first monitoring campaign for Bir Al-Nas. The “sampling team” was composted by Siwar Kammoun (PhD Student at ENIS), Jihed Henchiri (PFE at ENIS) and Chiara Tringali (MSc. Student from UNIVE), in the picture below.

Jihed, Chiara & Siwar

Jihed, Chiara & Siwar

The campaign was centred on the collection of groundwater samplers from the shallow and the deep Grombalia aquifers and in situ measurements.

CapBon_Feb2014 017

CapBon_Feb2014 063

(Photo C. Tringali, 2014)

(Photo C. Tringali, 2014)


(Photo C. Tringali, 2014)

(Photo C. Tringali, 2014)

CapBon_Feb2014 049

(Photo C. Tringali, 2014)*

(Photo C. Tringali, 2014)**

On all the collected samples major and trace elements analysis coupled with isotopic ones will be used to:

  • identify groundwater pollution origin and the impacts of agriculture activities on the baseline conditions of the studied system;
  • evaluate the temporal variation of NO3contamination and recharge processes;
  • assess the vulnerability of the aquifer to diffuse agricultural pollution.

Additionally, as a part of the Social Component of Bir Al-Nas we have performed individual interviews to farmers and owners of the wells included in the monitoring campaign in order to foster public engagement in hydrogeochemical investigations.

Photo Re V., 2014

**”Cafoscarina ruba acqua a contadino tunisino”


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